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E-P3 PEN Digital Camera w/17mm Lens (Black) - Meet the PEN Family, E-P3 with 3-inch Articulating LCD Screen, and 17mm Lens!

E-P3 PEN Digital Camera w/17mm Lens  (Black) - Meet the PEN Family, E-P3 with 3-inch Articulating LCD Screen,  and 17mm Lens!
Olympus Launches The PEN E-P3: Are You PEN Ready?Announced June 30, 2011, Ships August 2011.Olympus E-P3 Digital Camera Overview:Classic Style.Incredible Power.Fans of the award-winning Olympus PEN family of cameras now have the new Flagship Olympus PEN E-P3: the ultimate PEN for visual expression. Designed for photographers who want total control over their creative vision with a camera portable enough to travel the world, the powerful Olympus PEN E-P3 delivers professional image quality, the world’s fastest auto focus, built-in creative features, and a new OLED touch screen in a classic, all-metal body with fully advanced controls.Blazing Speed.World’s Fastest Auto FocusThe new FAST (Frequency Acceleration Sensor Technology) AF System is able to focus at an incredible speed and offers 35 separate focus points that are spread over nearly the entire sensor, which makes it possible for pin-point accurate focusing on small subjects wherever they appear in the frame. Selectable 3x3 groups within the 35-point area are especially effective when shooting active subjects.Advanced Continuous Af & TrackingWith the improved AF system, the AF Tracking function locks your subject into focus and continuously adjusts focus and brightness even if the subject disappears from view momentarily.Movie+Still Compatible Lenses (MSC)High-precision engineering and an improved internal focusing mechanism have allowed the Olympus lenses to auto focus quickly, smoothly and silently, perfect for stills and movies.Truepic VI Image ProcessorThis new image processing engine, designed specifically for the PEN line, features Advanced Tone Control and Real Color Technology for improved color reproduction (especially colors such as emerald green, yellow, and gold) and color gradation. The faster processor also allows for a shorter recovery time between shots and eliminates noise found in Live View and video.Professional Image Quality.New 12.3MP Live MOS SensorThe sensor is optimized to maximize the performance of all mZuiko digital lenses in any shooting condition. Improvements to the sensitivity and read-out speed of the existing sensor makes ISO 12,800 shooting and Full HD movie recording possible.Proven Dust Reduction SystemOlympus’ Dust Reduction System assures spot-free images, even after changing lenses. Every time you turn on the camera, the patented Supersonic Wave Filter silently vibrates, flinging and collecting dust so that it doesn’t interfere with the picture imaging at any time.In-Body Image StabilizationSay goodbye to blurry images in both still and movie modes. The E-P3’s three-mode In-body Image Stabilization system compensates for up to three shutter speed steps in the still shooting modes with any of its interchangeable lenses.Fine Detail ProcessingThe technology behind Fine Detail Processing enhances the sense of detail and resolution, maximizing the potential of the sensor and delivering pictures that are sharper and clearer.Low Light
E-P3 PEN Digital Camera w/17mm Lens (Black) - Meet the PEN Family, E-P3 with 3-inch Articulating LCD Screen, and 17mm Lens!
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